Church Street Retail Frontage Improvement Program

Church Street Artist Impression

The Church Street Retail Frontage Improvement Program offers successful applicants a grant of up to 30% of the total costs of upgrade works, to the maximum dollar value of $20,000. This pilot program is about bringing new life to Parramatta’s architectural assets and streetscape that seeks to financially incentivise commercial property owners and tenants along Church Street.

Improving retail shopfronts not only creates active frontages and enhances the city’s vibrancy and presentation, but also supports the retail rebirth of Parramatta. The anticipated growth, both in terms of population and commercial development will see an additional $3 billion in retail turnover in the city centre over the next five years.

Given the dramatic increase in residential development, transforming public spaces, the potential introduction of light rail and a rapidly growing population, the Retail Frontage Improvement Program is an essential building block in ensuring an improved retail experience in Parramatta.

Upgrade works include:

  • painting of building façade, windows and awnings (colour to be in accordance with the Council’s prescribed palette)
  • cleaning of building façade above awning
  • rationalisation or removal of signage either through repainting or physical removal
  • removal of redundant air conditioning units
  • removal of roller shutters or security grilles
  • recladding of an existing awning structure
  • installation of a disabled access ramp.

Find out more about the Retail Frontage Improvement Program and how to apply.