Night City

It’s an exciting time for City of Parramatta. We are Sydney’s Central River City – a thriving centre of services, infrastructure and employment for Western Sydney. Our City is rapidly growing, expanding and evolving. We need to ensure that our City at night meets the needs and expectations of our community and has the right conditions to grow and thrive.

From August to October 2017, the City exhibited the Night Time Economy Discussion Paper, which brings together research, experiences and ideas from our community and stakeholders to shape the future of Parramatta’s night life. 

We have listened to your ideas and your feedback and are working to develop a strategic framework for the development of our night time economy, the Parramatta Night City Framework (PNCF), in early 2019. The PNCF will provide the City and our partners with the strategic direction to holistically develop and diversify the City’s night time economy, support businesses, plan for a night-friendly CBD and local centres, and respond proactively to challenges and change.

We aspire to deliver a diverse and welcoming night city with great experiences for all. Our night city will be safe, well-designed and accessible, deliver a diversity of businesses and offerings and celebrate our unique identity and diverse community. We want to incubate discovery, curiosity and activity in a city of creativity, live music and events. 

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