Small Bars

Photos of Uncle Kurt's Bar

Photos from Uncle Kurt's Bar in Parramatta CBD. Photos by Carla Dibbs.

The City of Parramatta encourages a mix of licensed venues big and small, such as small bars to support a diverse and vibrant night city with great experiences for all.

It is important to find out whether development consent is required where you propose to establish a small bar. If development consent is not required because the premises has existing development approval and conditions of consent are not required to be changed, applicants can apply for a small-bar licence directly with NSW Liquor and Gaming.

However, if development consent is required for the premises, you must lodge a development application (DA) with Council.

Parramatta CBD Small Bars Policy

In April 2017, Council endorsed a Parramatta CBD Small Bars Policy to support the diversification of the licensed venues offering in Parramatta, providing a consistent approach to the assessment of applications for small bar premises (under 100 patrons);

Read the Parramatta CBD Small Bars Policy.

Important things to consider:

Liquor licence applications to NSW Liquor and Gaming, applications for outdoor dining and/or street activity applications to the City can be submitted at the same time, but approval will be provided until any development consents required have been obtained.

For more information, please contact Council’s Duty Planner Service on 02 9806 5050 or contact for assistance.