Placemaking Projects

Proposed works to Fire Horse Lane, Parramatta

The City of Parramatta Council propose to upgrade and convert Fire Horse Lane into a new two-way shared zone to improve pedestrian safety and reduce vehicular speeds.

Proposed works will include:

  • Removal of existing kerb and gutter.
  • Removal of asphalt road pavement and replacement with flush cobblestone pavement. 
  • Installation of improved architectural light poles with functional and decorative laneway lighting to increase night-time safety.
  • Introduction of traffic calming devices such as precast concrete benches and transplanted palm trees to reduce vehicular speeds.
  • Introduction of No Left Turn restriction from Fitzwilliam Street into Fire Horse Lane for vehicles over 6m in height.

For more details, see the Fire Horse Lane Landscape Concept Plan.

Erby Pocket Park

The public open space at the corner of Erby Place and Phillip Street in the City’s popular Eat Street precinct was upgraded to provide a more relaxed urban refuge for workers and restaurant goers.

The shaded open space, known as Erby Place Pocket Park, adjoins the 'Eat Street' car park and is a high traffic area for pedestrians and vehicles accessing the car park and nearby restaurants.

The Erby Place pocket park upgrade included high quality granite paving, new plantings, publically available power points, landscaping and new floral plantings, and improved seating and drainage, and connectivity with adjacent retail activation. New power outlets will also be installed to allow workers to recharge their phones and laptops. The popular, established jacaranda trees were retained as part of the upgrades and are lit with bud-lighting.

The space is now more open and inviting, enhancing the amenity of the area and ensuring its continued use as a popular thoroughfare and city centre refuge for workers and visitors.

Imagine Ermington

Imagine Ermington was an exciting community engagement pilot implemented by City of Parramatta Council to collect data and inform a more intimate understanding and connection with the community of Ermington. This level of detail would also helps Council prioritise service delivery and capital upgrades for Ermington.

Council developed an innovative and participative online engagement tool intended to be inclusive and engage with a broader demographic, guided by a more new, modern, participative, engaging and intensive approach to community consultation. Some of the best ideas put forward as part of City of Parramatta’s Imagine Ermington initiative became a reality, including a new ‘Market by the River’, upgrades at Ermington Shops, and a new community garden.

For more information, see the Imagine our place website.