Epping Planning Review

In March 2014, the Department of Planning and Environment introduced new planning controls for the Epping Town Centre study area completing their planned precinct process. Since that time, a strong housing market has seen the Epping Town Centre experience unprecedented levels of redevelopment and growth. 


This recent residential growth is:

  • impacting on parking and traffic and bringing construction noise
  • impacting on views and privacy and reducing tree canopy
  • impacting on parts of heritage conservation areas that abut areas that were zoned for higher density in March 2014
  • substantially reducing the amount of commercial floor space available within the Town Centre, increasing the centre’s residential population

In May 2016, the council amalgamations process saw the Epping Town Centre fall entirely within the jurisdiction of the new City of Parramatta entity. This has presented the opportunity to address critical issues and plan for the function of the centre for the next 20 years. The Epping Planning Review is tasked with delivering these outcomes.

As at 19 June 2018, a total of 5,583 dwellings had been approved (or was in various stages of assessment) within the Town Centre. This equates to approximately 12,840 new residents anticipated in the next five to seven years which places significant pressure on existing infrastructure.

To fully understand the land use and traffic issues and create a vision for the future of the Town Centre, Council commenced the Epping Planning Review project which was formally launched in December 2016.

Project phases

The Epping Planning Review has two project phases. The first phase has involved undertaking technical investigations to ascertain specific land use issues and traffic impacts. These investigations have incorporated the following studies:

In June 2017, the completed technical studies were used to inform the Epping Planning Review Discussion Paper.  The Discussion Paper explained the need to undertake the Epping Planning Review and proposed a series of options and recommendations along with supporting principles for adoption.

From June to July 2017, the Discussion Paper and the technical studies were exhibited. In August 2017, the principles from the Discussion Paper was adopted. 

Epping Town Centre Traffic Analysis

The final aspect of the first phase is the Epping Town Centre Traffic analysis. This constitutes a town centre wide traffic study as well as area-specific studies as listed here:

Download a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions on the traffic studies.

Frequently Asked Questions also available in Korean and Chinese (Traditional).

IMPORTANT: As per Council’s resolution of 9 July 2018, Council resolved that “Council does not support any extension of Rosebank Avenue to connect with Rosen Street as described in the traffic study”.

The second phase of the Epping Planning Review involves the statutory phase – the preparation of planning proposals that seek to amend the current planning controls to resolve the land use issues identified during the first phase. These are undertaken in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Some additional technical analysis will also be undertaken during this final phase to support the relevant planning proposal process. This last phase commences in July 2018.

Community Engagement

Community engagement has been an important element of the Epping Planning Review. Beginning in mid-December 2016 and continuing to July 2017, feedback from the residents informed the technical studies, the Discussion Paper. Specifically, from April to July 2017 a number of consultation tasks took place including community workshops, information sessions, online surveys, intercept surveys, site visits, email updates and face-to-face meetings.

Consultation on the Epping Town Centre Traffic Analysis is occurring in July/August 2018. This includes exhibition of the traffic analysis and a community information session.

Consultation during the planning proposal phases will occur by way of the statutory process outlined in the EP&A Act 1979 and EP&A Regulation 2000.

Project email updates

To receive a regular email update about the Epping Planning Review, please provide your email address to: placeservices@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

For any queries in relation to the Epping Planning Review, please contact:

Bianca Lewis, Senior Project Officer
blewis@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au or 02 9806 5531
for enquiries relating to land use planning 

Document archives

Project launch flyer - December 2016

Consultation - May 2017

Consultation - July 2017

Discussion paper - July 2017

Council Reports & Decisions - August 2017

* This Council report was also presented to the 28 May 2018 Council meeting (as Item 13.8) and the 25 June 2018 Council Meeting (as Item 12.2) but was deferred on both occasions before it was considered at the 9 July 2018 Council meeting (as Item 14.5).