Practice Based/Service Delivery Oral Presentations – 20 Minutes

Each presentation is to showcase a particular program or project that is building the capacity of individuals and/or communities to be active citizens and create positive change. Evidence of positive outcomes for participants should be available.

Each presentation should fit within one of the three program streams: First Nations, Social Investment/Enterprise, or General. Your presentation should focus on describing the program/project, its intent, what it involved/s and who the participants are, as well as outcomes achieved to-date for participants.

Analysis of why the project/program is considered effective should be shared, together with lessons-learned about the approach through implementation. Oral presentations will be delivered in groups of two to three with aligned content during one session, selected by the Conference committee, which will be followed by 30 minutes for facilitated questions and open discussion.

The committee may choose to have a mix of Practice and Research Based Oral Presentations in each session.

Abstract Form Template Download

Practice Oral Presentation Abstract Template