Australia Day Public Holiday -  Monday 27 January 2020 (Australia Day falls on Sunday 26th January).
Parramatta Library and branch libraries will be closed. Normal hours will resume on Tuesday 28 January.

The City of Parramatta Library and seven branch libraries offer a place for locals to enjoy books, CDs, DVDs and a wide range of services and events every week, ranging from activities for children, talks by well-known authors, computer classes, ESL classes, workshops and much more.

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summer events 2020
Quarterly Calendar of Events  Evening Story Time English Conversation Classes

 To book visit our Library Events page.
*This Calendar is an accessible
PDF that is readable by
screen reading software.

Due to popular demand,
Evening Story Time is continuing 
this summer. Suitable for kids 
aged 4-7 years.

Join us and practice
speaking English in a friendly
and relaxed environment.

Reading and puzzle challenge
Kids enjoying their School holiday at Parramatta Library
summer reading club
Reading and Puzzle Challenge  School Holidays at the Libraries 16 December 2019 - 9 February 2020

 Read away the summer, solving
puzzles and trivia along the way!  
A great way for families
to read and play along together! 
The Reading & Puzzle challenge is
open to adults and teens aged 13+.

Keep the kids occupied this
 coming school holidays with
 these fun activities at our libraries.
 Bookings open now!

 Read, write and create
to win great prizes!
The Summer Reading Club is open
to the age group:
6-12 years


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