Cox Park

LOCATION  141 Evans Road, Carlingford NSW

GETTING THERE - Evans Road is just off Pennant Hills Road located next to Carlingford Bowling Club. 

PARK DETAILS - Cox Park features one sporting field used by a variety of sporting clubs and schools. During winter the ground is used for rugby union and league. During summer the ground is used for cricket. The cricket pitch is covered during winter. 

FACILITIES AVAILABLE - Cox Park features the following amenities:

  • Amenities building
  • Car park
  • Pocket Playspace

PLAYSPACE -  A small playspace most suited to 0 to 6 age group. The space features a slide, see-saw and swings. The playspace is located on the Pennant Hills Road side of the park next to the Bowling Club. 


p: 02 9806 5140
f: 02 9806 5927


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