Project Update

18 June 2019

City of Parramatta is working with the NSW Government to revitalise public spaces as part of the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP).

Council is reviewing the community and recreational requirements provided at FS Garside, the adjoining Community Centre (1 Onslow Street), Scout Hall and open reserve along Duck Creek to develop a masterplan. The masterplan will provide a long term plan to guide park improvements and community use.

Historic records suggest that FS Garside Park may have operated as a rubbish tip. In the early 1930’s it was converted for use as a soccer field by placing a deep compacted soil layer over the landfill and planting a grass layer over the capped landfill site.

Soil Investigations

Before improvements can be designed, further information was needed about the composition of the soil beneath the park and adjoining sites. The City of Parramatta commissioned soil testing  (22-31 May 2019) to help inform the design of the masterplan and construction of new community and recreation facilities. The soil testing required excavation of test pits for laboratory analysis.

Areas closed for restoration

Following soil testing large sections of the FS Garside playground, dog park and reserve at Duck Creek were damaged.  Temporary fencing has been installed around test pits in the playground to limit pedestrian access and prevent potential damage to top-soil.

The dog park and reserve near Duck Creek will remain closed until restoration works are complete. This will ensure that the damaged grass has an opportunity to recover and limit erosion of the top soils due to pedestrian activity. Council is working with contractors to ensure these areas can safely reopen as soon as possible.

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