Project Update

14 October 2019

City of Parramatta has received funding from the NSW Government to improve the recreational and community facilities at North Granville as part of the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP).

A draft masterplan was developed to plan future upgrades to community and recreational facilities provided at FS Garside Park and adjoining reserve at Duck Creek.

The development of the draft masterplan was informed by the community feedback collected across June - July 2019. The masterplan provides a future long term vision to guide planning for social infrastructure, population growth and active transportation for the North Granville precinct.

Key masterplan design principles of the plan include:

  • Well designed and flexible facilities
  • Improvement of accessibility and connectivity
  • Creating a safe and family-friendly environment
  • Reinforcing green and natural characteristics
  • Embedding best practice sustainability and climate change resistance

To learn more about the draft masterplan:

  1. View the full draft North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan report and make a submission visit the Our Say portal. Public exhibition period ends 5pm, 14 November 2019.
  2. Talk to the project team at a drop in session:-
    1. 1 November 2019, 3:15-4:15pm Biplane Park, Rosehill 
    2. 2 November 2019, 2-4pm Granville Train Station
    3. 8 November 2019, 3:15-4:15pm Rosella Park, Harris Park
  3. View the draft masterplan report at: 
  • City of Parramatta Library, 1-3 Fitzwilliam Street, Parramatta
  • Council’s Customer Service Centre, 126 Church Street, Parramatta
North Granville Masterplan Concept Map

For further information about this project

Web: Visit the Our Say portal


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26 August 2019

City of Parramatta is working with the NSW Government to revitalise public spaces as part of the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP).

Council is reviewing the community and recreational requirements provided at FS Garside, the adjoining Community Centre (1 Onslow Street), Scout Hall and open reserve along Duck Creek to develop a masterplan. The masterplan will provide a long term plan to guide park improvements and community use.

Historic records suggest that FS Garside Park may have operated as a rubbish tip. In the early 1930’s it was converted for use as a soccer field by placing a deep compacted soil layer over the landfill and planting a grass layer over the capped landfill site.

Soil Investigations

Before improvements can be designed, further information was needed about the composition of the soil beneath the park and adjoining sites. The City of Parramatta commissioned soil testing (May 2019) to inform the design of the masterplan and construction of new community and recreation facilities. 

Soil samples from the test site were sent to a laboratory for analysis. Asbestos air quality monitoring results before, during, and after the testing were within normal levels.

Site Closures

Soil test results indicate some areas of the park contain materials (currently buried beneath the soil) that may pose a risk to public health and safety if disturbed. As a precautionary safety measure, the dog park, reserve at Duck Creek and sections of the soccer field will be fenced and closed to public access.  

See map below for location of the closed sites. These sites will remain closed to the public until the Masterplan is adopted and construction begins in 2020.

Council will keep the community informed of any further works on the Masterplan site.

further information

Website: Visit the Our Say portal


Phone: (02) 9806 5050