Rydalmere Park Masterplan

RYDALMERE PARK - a place for people

Following extensive community and stakeholder consultation late last year, an analysis of recreation trends, and a thorough investigation of the physical condition of the site, a new masterplan has been developed.

Visit the Rydalmere Park Draft Masterplan page to view the plans directly.



The City of Parramatta is a lively and growing community. Over the next 20 years, the city’s population is expected to increase by over 60,000 people. This will increase pressure on community facilities and open space.

Rydalmere Park is an important community asset, located at a strategic position within the Eastern Central Precinct of Parramatta LGA. It is well connected to transport with opportunities for further enhancement through Cycleway links and a new light rail station planned nearby. 

Encompassing 6.4 hectares of open space and associated facilities, the masterplan presents opportunities to:

  • Enhance existing sporting infrastructure to meet current and future needs
  • Provide creative use of the former Bowling Club site for multiple community, recreational, sporting and social purposes
  • Combine current uses and future potential to become a more inclusive community destination

WHAT is the vision of the masterplan?

The Masterplan is designed to bring the “Park” back into Rydalmere Park. Its vision is to create a memorable park experience and destination that fulfils the needs of the growing community for open space and recreation.

what are the key features OF THE MASTERPLAN?

With a cohesive design, that brings together landscape, architecture and urban design, the masterplan provides a contemporary solution with the flexibility to evolve to satisfy changing community needs.

The Masterplan proposes the following improvements for the park:

  • Consolidation and upgrade of sporting facilities
  • Increased vegetation, shade, shelter and seating
  • Mixed sporting opportunities
  • Enhanced connectivity and access
  • Integration of Aboriginal and cultural heritage features
  • Low maintenance and sustainability principles in design
  • Safety and security advancements

What is the timeframe for finalising the Masterplan?

Timeframe for Rydalmere Park Masterplan