North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan

City of Parramatta is working with the NSW Government to revitalise public spaces as part of the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP). This Program provides funding to Local Councils to develop open spaces and plazas, cycle paths, playing fields and streetscape improvements along the Parramatta Road Corridor. 

As part of our commitment to the PRUAIP, Council is reviewing the recreational and community requirements provided at FS Garside, the adjoining Community Centre (1 Onslow Street), Scout Hall and open reserve along Duck Creek to inform the design of the North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan. 

About the Masterplan

The Masterplan will guide improvements to community and recreational facilities to support to your needs and the needs of the future Granville community.

The Masterplan area is bounded by Parramatta Road (south), Alfred Street (west), Gray Street (north), Onslow Street and Duck Creek (east). 

Diagram 1: North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan Area

North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan Area

For more information about this project, including Frequently Asked Questions and project timeline, visit the Parramatta Our Say website. 

The remaining stages of the masterplan process are described in the project timeline. This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government.