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Council Meeting: 11 November 2019
Item 12.1: RESCISSION MOTION 1: Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal - Response to Gateway Determination Conditions 

Council will consider a report seeking endorsement of the updated draft Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal that responds to the conditions of the Gateway Determination issued by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) on 13 December 2018. 

The following documents make up 'Attachment 3 – List of Technical Studies to support the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal' of Attachment 1 to Item 12.1 from the 11 November 2019 Business Paper: 

Draft Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal - Appendices Author

Appendix - 1a & 1b    Current planning controls - Parramatta LEP 2011 Instrument and maps (provided within the Planning Proposal)  
Appendix - 2a & 2b   Proposed planning controls – Proposed LEP amending instrument and maps  
Appendix - 3    Parramatta CBD Planning Strategy 2015   

Appendix - 4a & 4b   Gateway Determination for the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal 2018 and table addressing Gateway conditions (provided within the Planning Proposal)   
Appendix - 5    Urbis Heritage Study (2015)   

Appendix - 6a & 6b    Heritage Study of Interface Areas 2019 and Council's response to the HAA Heritage Study    

Appendix - 7    West Auto Alley Precinct Plan    Olsson Associates

Appendix - 8    Marion Street Precinct Plan    SJB Urban & Paul Davies

Appendix - 9a    Urban Design & Feasibility Study and City Plan Heritage Study – Church Street Precinct   
Appendix - 10a & 10b    Overshadowing Technical Paper and JLL Market and Feasibility Analysis - Parramatta CBD (Blocks A - D)    
Appendix - 11a & 11b    Opportunity Sites Report and LSJ Parramatta CBD Opportunity Sites   
Appendix - 12    Economic Review – Achieving A-Grade Office    Urbis

Appendix - 13    Strategic Transport Study 2017    AECOM

Appendix -  14a, 14b & 14c   Updated Flood Risk Management Plans, Parramatta CBD Flood Evacuation Assessment 2019 (Molino Stewart), and Horizontal Evacuation Pilot Study for Parramatta CBD 2017 (SJB)    

Appendix]    15    Preliminary Site Investigation Study for the Auto Alley area (2019a)    JBS&G

Appendix - 16a, 16b & 16c    Sustainability and Infrastructure Study 2016, Review (Memo) Sustainability and Infrastructure Study 2019, and Review of High Performing Buildings Study - June 2019 (Kinesis)    

Appendix - 17a, 17b, 17c, 17d, 17e, 17f    Community Facilities Needs Study 2016 (Elton), Infrastructure Funding Models Study 2016 (GLN), Discussion Paper on Infrastructure Planning and Funding in the Parramatta CBD 2017, Draft Infrastructure Needs Analysis 2017 (CoP), Independent Peer Review of Council's past work on community infrastructure prepared by Aurecon 2017 (Aurecon), and Memo on the Parramatta CBD Community Infrastructure Funding Study 2019 (GLN).