Road Safety and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Road safety is the responsibility of all road users and motorists should drive in a safe and legal manner. Council actively supports road safety within the community and encourages all road users to increase their knowledge regarding road rules by viewing TfNSW’s The top ten misunderstood Road Rules. For more information on road rules legislation, please refer to NSW Road Rules

Reporting of illegal parking

You can report illegal parking and local Council matters as they occur via Council’s Customer Service team on (02) 9806 5050 or email Community Safety Officers can attend to parking complaints from 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and from 7am to 2:30pm on Sunday. 

40km/h high pedestrian activity areas

City of Parramatta and Transport for NSW have introduced 40km/h speed limits on roads that have lots of pedestrians on and around them. The 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Areas are signposted. For detailed information including maps of affected areas, please refer to Safe Speed Limits

The maximum speed limit for these roads is 40km/h at all times. 40km/h speed limits create a safer road environment for everyone, particularly vulnerable groups such as older road users and children. Lower travel speeds improve a driver’s ability to stop quickly and react to the unexpected. The 40km/h speed limit is enforceable and normal enforcement procedures apply.  

Default speed limits

Where there is no posted speed limit sign, default speed limits apply.

In NSW there are two default speed limits, default urban speed limit for roads in built-up areas (that is, where there are buildings next to the road or where there is street lighting) and a default speed limit for all other roads.

  • Default urban speed limit is 50 km/h.
  • Default speed limit for all other roads is 100 km/h.

Speed limits are set by Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) in accordance with TfNSW guidelines. Further information regarding the road rules and speed limits can be found at Road Rules - Speed page. 

Speed camera request

Transport for NSW has a web link that enables members of the general public to nominate a location for the installation of a speed camera. Once a site is nominated, the Centre for Road Safety will then review the request. You can nominate a street for the installation of a mobile speed camera

Variable message signs

Council has introduced the use of temporary variable message signs (VMS) to proactively support a road safety speed awareness campaign. The VMS notifies motorists to ‘Slow Down’, should they be travelling over the legal speed limit. The locations are selected based on reports of speeding, crash history and public requests.

Once a location is selected, local residents are notified that a VMS sign will be temporarily installed for two weeks in the selected street and will then be removed.  The signs (which include a radar) also allow Council the opportunity to gather information in regards to the speeds that are being travelled within the street.

Please refer to the contact list below for the relevant authorities responsible for other frequently asked questions relating to traffic matters.

Relevant Authority
Review Traffic Signal timing and co-ordination Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) Feedback Form
Review of conditions on a State/Arterial Road
e.g. Pennant Hills Road, Great Western Highway,
Cumberland Highway, Marsden Road
Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) Feedback Form
School Zone related enquiries including signage
and pavement marking
Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) Feedback Form
Request for installation, removal or relocation of a bus stop Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) Bus Feedback
Request for a review of bus timetable Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) Bus Feedback
Request for commuter parking at railway stations and major bus stops Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) General Feedback
Request for a School Bus NSW Department of Education Refer to School
Request for a School Crossing Supervisor NSW Department of Education and TfNSW Requests for a School Crossing Supervisor need to be submitted in writing by School Principals.
Report on dangerous driving and speeding motorists – requests for enforcement Local police Refer to police hotline (non-emergency)
Ph: 131 444
Request for Speed Camera Safer Roads NSW Suggest a location
All other traffic related matters on local roads City of Parramatta Council Traffic & Transport - City of Parramatta Council